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Fully Automated

 F.A.C.E. can extinguish fires without any manual intervention- you don't even have to be there

Easily Portable

F.A.C.E. is completely portable and requires no connection to external water or power

Readily Scalable

 Multiple F.A.C.E. devices can be used together to offer a full boundary of fire protection

Highly Versitile

 F.A.C.E. comes equipped with a mounting bracket for easily installation in a variety of locations

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Meet the creator

 F.A.C.E. was fully designed and engineered from the ground up by Arul Mathur, a high-school student entrepreneur in the San Francisco Bay Area.

How F.A.C.E. works

F.A.C.E. combines the self-activating technology from traditional fire sprinkler heads with the form and portability of a handheld fire extinguisher.

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