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Improving Homeowner Safety With Autonomous Fire Suppression


Helping Firefighters Protect Homes

FACE components on table

FACE started out as an engineering passion project fueled by a fear of being unprotected from a wildfire after evacuation. Oftentimes, wildfires completely consume properties before firefighters have a chance to arrive on scene.

FACE provides a first line of defense to help slow the spread of fires and buy first responders time to save your property. We work with firefighters to help them, help you.

How We Launched

In 2019, our founder gave a TEDx talk highlighting the dangers of wildfires in an era of climate change, emphasizing the need to revolutionize the aging field of fire technology. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, he decided to develop the technology himself and bring it to homeowners who were most vulnerable.

After two years of development, FACE Fires was born, gaining initial funding through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter where we raised over three times our capital goal. Ever since, FACE has been protecting homeowners across the US with portable, automated fire suppression.

Arul Mathur headshot, TEDx
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